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This book would be a little bit about my childhood and about being diagnosed with a large unruptured brain aneurysm. The journey of the surgery to correct it, detailed process of what happened, and later, the mission to build a village as the Lord revealed to me.This part about my childhood is included for my readers and audiences to know where I am coming from or how I got here.I was born into an Akan Royal Family (Odeshee) in Ghana, West Africa, in the eastern region. At about age four to five, I was taken from my mother by my father and given to my father’s niece who was a newlywed and had just had her first child, a daughter. This was the practice then. Most married women from good families had a young girl to help them with their daily chores. So at that tender age, the lot fell to me. I was a maid, but not for hire, because I was classified as a member of the family.In my father’s world, girls were not to attend school but to learn good housekeeping by apprenticeship. Again, girls would only do better if they didn’t live at home with their mothers since mothers usually spoil their children.This culture was very rampant until President Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president, made childhood school education free and compulsory. Education in Ghana, from first grade to university level was free, as long as a child was ready and willing to learn. I say first grade because kindergarten started with urbanization and industrializations.In 1965, I listened to a talk in Israel by...

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